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Unless otherwise specified, All of the coffee offered at The Coffee Roaster is a Medium Roast. This gives the coffee a balanced taste allowing the unique subtleties of each coffee to show through.

All coffee prices are based on a full pound (16oz)

African Coffees

Ethiopian Yirgachefe $ 15.75 / Pound

From the birthplace of coffee! Of all the fine and complex coffees grown in Ethiopia, Yirgachefe is the rarest and most prized. Yirgachefe is a wet processed, washed coffee, possessing a delicate acidity and good body. Blueberry overtones and aroma, with a hint of floralness and wineyness in the finish. A Great stand alone coffee, but also a strong component in blends and espressos.

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Kenya AA $ 17.50 / Pound

Kenya AA is generally regarded as the most popular of the African coffees and is typically grown on the sides of mountains, such as Mt. Kenya, at an elevation of 4,200 to 6,800 feet. The AA signifies the best grade from Kenya, where coffee is graded by bean size. Kenya AA has full body, delicate acidity and a smooth winey flavor.

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Central American Coffees

Costa Rica La Minita $17.50 / Pound

From the Hacienda La Minita farm In Tarrazu comes one of the finest estate grown coffees in the world. Produced in very small quantities with sensitivity for the environment and the well-being of the workers there is no other coffee prepared so carefully. La Minita is a perfectly balanced coffee: sweet aroma, full body, great acidity and a clean aftertaste. In a word: elegant.

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Guatemala Huehuetenango $15.75 / Pound

From the central highlands of Guatemala, the state of Huehuetenango produces some of the finest coffees of Central America. Cultivated at an elevation of 5,000 feet and above, in our opinion the finest Guatemalan coffee. Huehuetenango is a coffee offering crisp, bright acidity and a hint of nuttiness.

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Panama Boquete $17.00 / Pound

A very fine, well-balanced mild coffee grown near the Costa Rica border. Panama produces a full-bodied cup with delicate acidity that is famous for its smoothness and character, with distinct chocolate undertones.

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Indonesian Coffees

Java Estate $15.75 / Pound

From the high mountains of Java, this fine estate-grown coffee is characterized by a superb richness and full body with bold earthy overtones and low acidity.

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Papua New Guinea $15.75 / Pound

Fine Arabica coffees were introduced to New Guinea in 1937 with plants from the Jamaica Blue Mountain. This wonderful coffee is from the Koban region where the best New Guinea coffees are harvested. Known for its great balance, low acid and excellent aroma.

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Sumatra Mandheling $15.75 / Pound

Our Sumatra is grown in west-central Sumatra and considered the best of the Sumatra coffees. This bean possess a smooth, full-bodied characteristic as well as a strong earthy flavor.

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South American Coffees

Brazil $15.75 / Pound

This coffee is grown in the southern part of the state of Minas Gerais, the area that produces the "Best of Brazil". The elevation is approximately 2,600 feet. The cup is medium bodied with a trace of earthiness and bears a subtle sweetness in its full flavor. The medium roast allows the unique flavor of this bean to linger.

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Colombian Supremo $15.75 / Pound

From the state of Santander, this region is very lush with ideal rainfall, cloud cover and soil conditions. Using the original "Typica" trees produces a fruit which is characteristically bold in size, heavier in body with a softer but more pleasant acidity. Full body and aromatic, this coffee is truly a superior coffee.

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Special Selection

Kona - Extra Fancy $38.00 / Pound

100% Pure Kona Coffee. Excellent soil conditions (grown in volcanic soil) at an elevation of between 700 - 2,000 feet, combined with the sub-tropical climate produce a highly sought-after coffee with a superb aroma, mellowness, touch of nuttiness and full-bodied flavor.

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Jamaican Blue Mountain 100% M.B.C.F. N/A

100% Pure Jamaican Blue Mountain. Coffee grown in the specially designated area of the Blue Mountains combines the ideal altitude, mineral-rich soil, gentle cloud cover, mountain shade and ample sunlight to cultivate the world's most distinguished and delicious coffee. The berries take longer than others to mature, many claim this extra time adds to the rich flavor and intense aroma.

Due to the rarity of this coffee, please call the shop to check on availability.

Indian "Monsooned" Malabar $15.75 / Pound

This coffee's uniqueness stems from the manner in which it is processed. Malabar is left to age naturally in the monsoonal weather of India. The coffee is reminiscent of the coffees from the days when sailing ships took months to reach Europe and coffees acquired a unique taste as a result of the long voyage through many climate zones. The monsoon process produces a very interesting and exotic coffee with a rich, full body and virtually acid-free.

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Peru $17.00 / Pound

Certified Organic and Fair Trade this coffee is wonderfully balanced with a sweet cup.

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Dark Roasts

Dark roasts are named for the degree of roasting rather than the origin of the bean. To complicate matters, there is no uniformity in name or style. Hence, what we call French may be called Italian or Espresso elsewhere or vice versa.

Vienna $15.75 / Pound

Our own blend roasted until the oils just begin to surface on the bean. The lightest of our dark roasts. We use a blend of Central and South American beans.

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Italian $15.75 / Pound

Our medium dark roast, a deep umber in color with a shiny surface. Our own special blend of Indonesian, African and South American beans.

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French $15.75 / Pound

Our darkest roast. Almost black with a rich oily surface with a sharp, slightly burnt flavor. We use a blend of Central and South American beans.

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House Blend $ 15.75 / Pound

Our own special blend of Central and South American coffees. A fine breakfast coffee filled with aroma and depth of flavor.

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Half and Half $ 15.75 / Pound

Our Italian roast is blended with Ethiopian to create a blend of half dark and half medium roast, the effect being to soften up a bit of the pungency of the Italian Roast. One of our roasts popular for espresso.

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Milano Blend $ 15.75 / Pound

A blend that was originally built around the traditional espresso styles found in Milan. We have kept the round and rich length of this roast while adding some sweetness from different beans. Very popular and the blend we use for our espresso in the store.

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Mocha-Java $ 15.75 / Pound

Our own special blend of Java and Ethiopian. Creating a blend with perfect balance of body, tantalizing aroma and moderate acidity.

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Roaster Blend $ 15.75 / Pound

Originally our holiday blend, so popular it was added to our regular menu. A combination of Indonesia and Central American coffees creates a smooth, full bodied, mellow cup.

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Toddy Blend $ 15.75 / Pound

A mix of dark roast and medium roast to create the perfect balance for our Toddy used in the shop.

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Wake Up Blend $ 16.00 / Pound

This is a blend of African and Indonesian coffees with a hint of French Roast. This is a very dramatic coffee, intended for those times when you need an extra nudge.

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Beginning with a special roast of Colombia Supremo, we add the finest available flavorings to the coffee. Prepared as ordered, please allow an extra day on your order so we can prepare it especially for you.

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It is said that the decaffeinated drinkers are the true coffee lovers. So, for this special group we only purchase coffees that are decaffeinated using the most modern and environmentally sensitive process. No solvent chemicals are involved! Only pure water. It's a much more expensive process, but worth it when it comes to taste.

Colombian $16.50 / Pound

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Ethiopian $16.50 / Pound

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Peru - Certified Organic $16.50 / Pound

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Italian $16.50 / Pound

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Half and Half Blend $16.50 / Pound

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Flavored $17.50 / Pound

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